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  • Happy 2014 !!

    We updated the website with all practical information you need to apply for Ethno Flanders 2014… For all other and fun stuff, check Ethno Flanders on FB and befriend us! Already counting the days to July 27! Hugs and lots of Ethno-love from your beloved Crew!

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  • Ethno Flanders in concert!!

    WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME Thursday 1/8 we will be having our try-out concert at our ‘home’ in the Sint Lutgardisschool (Steenbakkerstraat 80 -  Oostende) – we start at 20h30 and the concert is for free! Friday 2/8 we’ll have our first concert at the Leopold II statue (Oostend dike) – concert for free! Saturday [...]

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