Apply for Ethno Flanders 2019

Ethno Flanders is Back in Oostende for 10 days music, fun and amicability!
We’ll be welcoming all of you from July 28th till August 6th near the Belgian coast.

Your crew and artistic coaches will do everything to make it an unforgettable week.

Your coaches will guide you through the new music and help out where necessary
with the tunes and arrangements! They are skilled musicians with ethno-experience
and they will help you to make the magic happen! On Ethno it is YOU, the
participants who teach and exchange each other’s music by ear, so be prepared.

The international coaches for 2019 are:

  • Naomi Vercauteren (fiddle/B)
  • Elke De Meester (Accordeon/ Belgium)
  • Simon Nyberg (Guitar/ Sweden)
  • Malte Zeberg (Bass/ Sweden)
  • Jonas Leuther (Percussion/ Germany)

You want to apply for Ethno Flanders 2019?
You want to join us at Ostend this summer?
You’re between 16 and 30 years of age?
You master your instrument or you’re a keen singer?

Read this important information sheet first and apply !!
You’ll be in for a musical treat at the Belgian seaside with ice-cream and sand :)

Your crewies will do everything they can to make it an unforgettable week.

For any questions you might have regarding the Ethno Flanders Music Camp, we will try to

get you a correct answer. Please ask

See you there!!

 Apply now!

  • Cover Charge: Benelux: €275, European: €175, International: €75