Happy 2014 !!

We updated the website with all practical information you need to apply for Ethno Flanders 2014… For all other and fun stuff, check Ethno Flanders on FB and befriend us! Already counting the days to July 27! Hugs and lots of Ethno-love from your beloved Crew!

Ethno Flanders in concert!!

WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME Thursday 1/8 we will be having our try-out concert at our ‘home’ in the Sint Lutgardisschool (Steenbakkerstraat 80 -  Oostende) – we start at 20h30 and the concert is for free! Friday 2/8 we’ll have our first concert at the Leopold II statue (Oostend dike) – concert for free! Saturday [...]

Ethno Flanders in Belgian media :)

Hi all! We had the honour of being interviewed by the Flemish folk magazin FOLK!. If your Dutch is good enough, you can check out what we’re talking about. If not, this is the opportunity to learn Flenglish. Or just ask us at this year’s (fully booked) Ethno Flanders! Take a look HERE Lots of [...]

Apply now for Ethno Flanders 2012

Ethno Flanders once again returning to Oostende! One week of fun and music on the Belgian seaside and performances in Gent and Dranouter Festival. Artistic leaders: Wim Claeys (diatonic accordeon – Belgium) Tomas De Smet (bass – Belgium) Ian Stephenson (guitar – UK) Emilia Amper (nyckelharpa – Sweden) Participation fees – for BENELUX participants: 250 [...]

Vote for Ethno Flanders

Folkroddels.be is the biggest and most visited Belgian folk-site, representing a thriving local folk scene which has many things to be proud about. One of them it definitely is Ethno Flanders, which has been playing an important role in the scene and its artists development during the past 11 years. Each year, the Ethno Flanders [...]

Ethnofonik: The Folk Sound of Europe Reinvented

  The quick facts: 25 artists from 11 European countries, 1 week full of workshops and rehearsals, recordings and 2 concerts in the outskirts of Paris. The initiative of AOLF proposed to gather – between 21 and 28 January – old and new, potential and future Ethno leaders in an attempt to sum and sublimate [...]